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Cost to Stain Deck - 2017 Cost Calculator The cost to Stain a Deck starts at $1.78 - $4.29 per square foot, but varies significantly with common options. Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements here. See the time to stain a deck, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See what trusted professionals include in job-winning estimates for deck.

2017 Average Deck Staining Cost (with Price Most contractors charge by the square foot. Average prices to re-stain a deck range from 50 cents to $2.50 per square foot. It will cost more to also have the underside of the deck stained. Some contractors will include sealing the deck in their quote, but some don't—be sure to make sure. Rails and spindles can also be.

Deck Staining Price Calculator | CorkCRM 1 Jul 2015 . Painting software for the 21st Century: All-in-one software to manage leads, contracts, proposals, payroll, jobs and appointments. It's your office. On the go.

Deck Staining Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Deck Staining Costs & Prices. We have collected data nationwide to help calculate the average cost of deck staining in the US. The following are average costs and prices reported back to us: Cost of Deck, Fence, Patio, or Porch Cleaning and Sealing. $10.86 per square foot (Range: $7.93 - $13.78). $468.24 fixed fee - flat.

2017 Average Cost to Stain a Deck | Labor This includes if a homeowner is going to do the work himself or if he or she is going to hire a deck contractor to do it. Homeowners also have to consider what kind of stain they are going to use. Higher quality stains, while providing better protection, will cost more per square foot. You should be aware there's a significant.Deck Staining CostsLabor CostsAdvantages .Staining vs. Sealing vs .

Deck Stain Calculator - SaverSystems DEFY Wood Cleaner* - 750 sq. ft. per 2.25 lb container; DEFY Stain Stripper* - 150 sq. ft. per gallon; DEFY Wood Brightener - 750 sq. ft. per gallon; DEFY Wood Stains - 100 sq. ft. per gallon (for 2 coats). *Note: Use DEFY Wood Cleaner if you have new wood or if the previous stain has worn off. If a previous stain is still.

2017 Deck Refinishing Cost | Average Materials for a 300-square-foot deck, for example, would cost $900 when priced at an average cost of $3 per square foot.Most deck professionals will automatically include staining and protective sealing of your deck in their project cost estimates, but you'll need to keep in mind a number of additional maintenance tasks.

How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Deck? - 22 Jun 2017 . Would you pay more to we have collected data nationwide help calculate the average cost of deck staining in us.Deck staining average cost per square foot according to askthehandyman the professional is going require between three and five hours tackle work, with costs averaging at roughly $2.

2017 Stain A Deck Costs | Average Cost To $600$1,250$1,476. Average Project Cost. $1,037. Average Cost Ranges. $605Low. $1,468High. Price per Square Feet. $2.02Low. $4.89High . All of the supplies and materials necessary to stain the deck, such as masking tape and paper, materials to repair the deck surface, solvents, and cleaning supplies. 300 sq. ft.

Compare 2017 Average Cost of Deck Staining vs How Much Does Deck Staining Cost? Most professionals charge $2 to $3 per square foot to stain a deck. That includes the cost of labor and materials. However, if you have features like decorative railings that need special attention, or if your deck is very old and weathered, the total cost could reach $5 per square foot or.

2017 Wood Deck Prices Per Square Foot | 12x20 2 May 2017 . Wood Deck Costs; Types Of Wood; Deck Size; Additional Deck Features; Considerations Before Building A Deck; Wood Deck Maintenance; Wood Deck Repair . Also, remember that materials are purchased per square foot..A bit more work is required for those who wish to have a stain on their decks.

Cost of Staining a Deck - Estimates and Having a handyman or deck company clean and stain a deck starts around $0.50-$2.50 a square foot ($160-$800 for 16'x20'), depending on the condition of the deck and the amount of prep work and hand-staining required, but it can cost $2.50-$7 a square foot or more ($800-$2,240 for 16'x20') with multiple levels and.

Cost to stain a deck - Estimates and According to the average professional is going to require between three and five hours to tackle the work, with costs averaging at roughly $2 per square foot. This will include power washing, labor and all materials - including the treatment of any railings or spindles surrounding the deck. Clearly, it isn't.

Deck Refinishnig Cost and Deck Repair Power Sanding, Stain and Seal: $2.00-$3.00 per square foot depending on surface condition, existing product, wood condition (hail damage, physical damage, dog claws, etc) or color change. This is the most aggressive procedure and is meant for decks that have not been maintained regularly, changing color, removing.

Cost to re-paint a deck - Estimates and $0.15, per sq.ft. 220, $34. Deck stain: roll and brush one-coat premium tinted stain product on 200 sq.ft.; algae and mildew resistant. $0.78, per sq.ft. 220, $171. Equipment rental: power washer, half day rate. $120, per day, 0.5, $60. Equipment and Material Cost, $1.32, per sq.ft. 200, $265. + Labor Cost (preparation), $28.

How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Deck? - 12 Jun 2017 . How much would you charge per deck to pressure wash and stain. Make sure you plan to . Deck staining average cost per square foot according to askthehandyman the professional is going require between three and five hours tackle work, with costs averaging at roughly $2. Product costs, availability.

How to Bid on a Deck-Staining Job | 26 Sep 2017 . Consider the cost of the deck stain in regards to how much stain you require for the project. Messmer's TimberFlex deck stain costs $39.99 per gallon. If you must stain a 500-square-foot deck, you will need at least five gallons for a total of $199.95, plus tax. You have to charge significantly more than this.

Handyman Cost to Re-Stain a Deck - 26 Dec 2012 . On a 12′ x 18′ deck that includes handrails I would charge $1.50 per sq. ft. on the deck and $5.00 per linear ft. on the railing and pickets plus extra for steps, lattice, etc. so this would come up to about . What's a fair price to power wash and stain a 12×36 deck with 15 steps in Owings Mills MD 21117.

2017 Average Deck Staining and Sealing Costs: How Hiring a professional to clean, stain, and reseal an average size (approximately 250 square foot) deck costs $700 to $1,000. Depending on the size and layout of your deck, actual costs could be less than $500 or $1,500 and up. For sealing alone on a 250 square foot deck, expect to pay $300 to $400. Staining a deck of the.

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