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Cabin Sole Coverings - Cabin & Interior - Downwind Cabin Sole Coverings. Looking for something to keep you from slipping? We stock a variety of colors of Dri-Dek, a non-skid flooring that comes in panels to easily install in your cabin or cockpit. This flooring will keep your feet dry!

Cleaning the bilge - A boat called Wanda 4 Nov 2017 . It is all through the shell a few inches below the cabin sole and into the bilge. It starts just . At least the rising water stopped beneath the cabin sole; it would have seriously messed up the saloon interior otherwise.I then applied undiluted bilge cleaner with a scrubbing brush to further clean the area.

Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats DIY Synthetic Boat Not to mention that the boat sole will always look nice and clean unlike carpets in your cabin or white gelcoat on your deck, which get dirty quickly and are hard to clean properly. DEK-KING DIY Synthetic Boat Decking installation is the perfect Cabin sole replacement alternative. Our Decking material can be power washed.

How do I refinish teak and holly laminate? - Sailing 1 Oct 2010 . Dear Boat Doctor,. I have a 1989 34-foot Pacific Seacraft. Part of the teak-and-holly sole needs refinishing. What is the best way to do go about this? Richard Berg, MD . Just wash the area with a mixture of three ounces of borax powder to a gallon of hot water and rinse thoroughly. Next it is time to repair.

Properly Restoring Teak Boats - Web Only Article - Probably nothing can make or break the appearance of a fiberglass boat more quickly than the appearance of the exterior teak trim.The cleaning procedure with most one-part cleaners is the same: wet the teak down, sprinkle or brush on the cleaner, scrub down, and rinse off. Be sure to rinse well. Even badly weathered.

Projects/ Maintenance | Matt & Jessica's The entire boat was found to be strong and “ship shape”.2) Used a paste form of Spotless Stainless cleaner and allowed to sit on stainless for 30 minutes..C) Cabin Sole. 1) Sole was sanded with 120-240 grit paper until smooth. 2) Water-downed West Marine Teak clean was used to brighten teak 3) A single part.

Cabin Sole Fall 2001 - I pulled the cabin sole to fix the mast step area, but once it's out of the boat I might as well put a new finish on it. It looked dirty, and I thought a good scrubbing and light sanding would prep it up nicely. Wrong. I scrubbed it, but the dirt didn't come off. You guessed it. at some point the finish had worn off and dirt.

Boat Varnish: Wood Interiors Need TLC Too - BoatUS Refinishing your boat's interior bulkheads isn't a difficult job and like most maintenance jobs, the professionals who make their living detailing boats know a few tricks for achieving a quality finish.After sanding or stripping, you may want to apply a teak brightener (part "B" of a two-part teak cleaner) to bring back the color.

Cleaning Interior Teak | Cruising World 5 Nov 2015 . From the Archives: Cleaning Interior Teak. Does your boat . We are so lucky — the interior of our boat is solid teak staving — i.e. individual teak 2″ slats with a groove to all fit together. Although we did not . I just squirt a bit of Murphy Oil cleaner in my little red bucket and fill it half full of water. Then I use a.

CABIN SOLE - schooner “BRITANNIA A shiny teak and holly floor certainly enhances the interior of any boat Original-floor and it . During all the time I have been doing all the alterations shown on this website I used the forward cabin as a workshop and traipsed through the saloon with all.The cabin sole looks new, with a clean professional, and safe, finish.

Blog Article-Saving Your Sole - Dakota Marine Saving Your Sole. Restore and Refinish Your Teak & Holly Cabin Sole. By Doug Ely, owner of DAKOTA MARINE Yacht Services. (This story, in a slightly edited version, also appears in the 2009 Jan/Feb.You can purchase a portable, dust filter-type air cleaner at most industrial tool supply outlets for between $100-$200.

How to Eliminate Mold from Bilge and Teak & Holly Sole - Keeping mold, etc. out has to do with keeping excess humidity out of the boat. That can be by having good ventilation or using dehumidifiers or air conditioners if the boat is being stored. Periodic wiping of the walls and surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner helps keep the stuff under control. - - If the cabin sole.

Varnishing the Cabin Sole | Blue Water 12 Aug 2014 . My boat is 10 years old, and while I work pretty much constantly on the outside teak, I had done nothing to the cabin sole, and it was beginning to show..Masking tape 3.99. Sandpaper 15.00 15 Mouse sheets 15.00. Varnish 127.96. Thinner 14.49. Brush 14.00. Brush cleaner 5.99. Paper strainers 2.25

New Cabin Sole Boards - Yachting and Boating 15 Jul 2017 . As part of the TLC my boat is getting I am replacing the worn cabin sole floor. Replacing is with same 18mm teak and holly vaneer marine ply. Would you varnish them with satin finish yacht varnish or roller 2 pack varnish. Thinking of appearance after a couple of years of wear and ease of future.

How to Maintain the Bilge on Your Boat - Power & 3 Sep 2014 . Step one is keep the bilge clean, often easier said than done since there are sections of most bilges as unreachable as the dark side of the moon. But there's good access in most machinery spaces, since they're set up for maintenance, and, in a properly designed boat, cabin-sole hatches reveal pumps and.

How to Varnish and Refinish a cabin sole - sailboat How to Varnish and Refinish a cabin sole - sailboat floor (+playlist)

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